Pain Science Essential Reading List

Thank you to Lars Avemarie for putting together and sharing this wonderful reading list!

Pain Science Essential Reading List

with Anoop Balachandran, Paul Ingraham, Ben Cormack, Prof. Lorimer Moseley, Dr. Jonathan Fass, Diane Jacobs, Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson, Dr. Jo Nijs, Dr. Mick Thacke, Max Zusman, Louis Gifford, Todd Hargrove, Dr. Serge Marchand, Dr. Gregory, Matthew Danziger, Tony Ingram and Dr. Jason Silvernail

The Ultimate Guide to Pain

Pain really is in the mind, but not in the way you think…

Why Most People Are Wrong About Injuries and Pain…/why-most-people-are-wrong-about…/

50 Shades of Pain with Dr. Lorimer Moseley

Louis Gifford and his legacy

The Ultimate Guide to Pain

Pain is weird

Does Massage Therapy Work? (or manual therapy)

The Pain Expert series

The myth of structuralism

Are we guilty of single factor thinking…/

20 unpopular opinions in pain management and physiotherapy…/20-unpopular-opinions-a-guest-b…/

Central Sensitization in Chronic Pain…/central-sensitization.php

Does Fascia Matter?

The 5Rs of pain rehab

Quite a Stretch

Trigger Point Doubts…/trigger-point-doubts.php

Meaningful movement, pain-memories and recalibration…/

Graded Exposure and pain

A Primer on Pain

Outdated Pain Theories, Part I – Damage and Degeneration

Outdated Pain Theories, Part II – Posture and Body Structure

Outdated Pain Theories, Part III – Muscle Imbalances & the “Core”

Perpetuating the Idea that Poor Posture Causes Pain…/perpetuating-the-idea-that-…/

How Pain Cognitions Can Influence the Pain Experience…/

Why Your Body is Not Like a Car

The importance of language…/the-importance-of-language/

Adriaan Louw on Therapeutic Neuroscience Education…

Pain Science: An Interview With Pain Expert Jason Silvernail…/

Moving Beyond the Exercise: Exercise Prescription and Clinical Reasoning…

Online Video Lectures (17,5 hours of lectures)

Pain science lectures with Pain Experts like Moseley, Stanton, Butler, O’Sullivan, Nijs, O´Connell, Zusman, Lehman, Reme, Thacker, Louw, Pearson and Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan….

And then read these reviews:

Moseley, G. Lorimer. Reconceptualising pain according to modern pain science Physical Therapy Reviews 2007; 12:…/Reconceptualising-Pai…

G Lorimer Moseley. Teaching people about pain: why do we keep beating around the bush? Pain Manage. (2012) 2(1), 1–3.

Melzack R., Katz J. (2013), Pain. WIREs Cogn Sci, 4: 1–15.…/wcs.12…/asset/1201_ftp.pdf…

And then buy these books, one at a time 😉

Books on Pain and Pain Science

1. Therapeutic Neuroscience Education by Adriaan Louw
2. Explain Pain Supercharged by Butler/Moseley
3. Louis Gifford’s Aches and Pains
4. Painful Yarns by Moseley (pain stories)
5. The Challenge of Pain by Melzack/Wall
6. Gordon Waddell’s The Back Pain Revolution
7. Pain a textbook for health professionals by Griensven/Strong (2th ed).
8. Fordyce’s Behavioral Methods for Chronic Pain
9. Textbook of Pain 6 Ed by Wall/Melzack


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